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Apple II Font 1.1

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Feb 7 2021: Someone put together this amazing set of professional fonts:

Donwload the PDF Instructions
Download the Font Set

Version History:
1.0 - 1997 - Original release
1.1 - 7/20/01 - Should now print on laser printers. The problem was the characters "][" in the name of the font, which caused the driver to choke.
This fix was diagnosed and implemented by Tony Diaz <>

This font contains all the characters, 80 and 40 column, MouseText, plus the "running man". Also included is a Keyboard Layout that allows you to access all the characters.
Detailed Info

Download v1.1:
Apple_II_Font.sit.hqx for the Macintosh (16k)
Updated: Nov 2010: Apple II for Mac and Windows

Hey, I just recieved word that the new 1.1 version STILL has trouble printing on a PostScript printer from Illustrator. Grrrr.... Sorry guys, i'm looking into it.

This just in from Tony Diaz (who you can meet at KansasFest):
"Verify that the font you are selecting is actually "Apple II 40 Column" (or 80) and not "Apple ][ 40 Column". I used it with Illustrator and QuarkXpress this week, printed at Kinko's on a Phaser 890 and Xerox 4025 printer with it from QXP, Illustrator and Photoshop."
I did manage to get a hold of Fontographer and I'll run it thru that to see if I can fix it up. If I have time, I'll make a TrueType version, but don't hold yer breath. :)