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Please don't misunderstand me folks, I love Bernie. In very fact, that is why I want it to look better than all the others! I'll gladly give my code to them, I'll sign it over, legally, no strings, I'd even pay them to take it! Please chime in with your support, perhaps if more than a few of us lobby Henrik and gang, they'll put it in as an option, of course you could turn it off if you want! What do you think?

This is what the current crop of emulators looks like, including Bernie, when running GEOS. You can bet it looks similar when running MultiScribe or DazzleDraw, 8/16 Paint or any Double High Resolution program or game. Can you make out what the text is saying?

Now here we are using the a2pix engine. Much more legible!

Of course the we should be viewing this in Black and White! The a2pix engine allows for many options, including different palettes and color modes.